Boletín del Museo Nacional de Historia Natural, Chile 37: 269-273 (1830-1980)

Nueva especie de Paredomis en aguas de Chile: Paralomis chilensis n. sp. (Crustacea, Anomura, Lithodidae)

Héctor Andrade V.


Se describe una especie nueva de Lithcxlidae: Paralomis chilensis n. sp. El material fue obtenido entre Los Vilos y Coquimbo frente a la costa de Chile Central, a 400420 m de profundidad.


A new species of Lithodidae: Paralomis chilensis n. sp. is described and ilustrated. P. chilensis is related to P. aspera F axon, but it differs from it in some characteristics such as: P. chilensis shows a naked rectangular depression which is also absent in P. longipes Faxon; the segments of the walking legs are densely covered by longitudinal rows of spines with a ring of stiff setae near the tip, in the figure of P. aspera (in F axon, 1895) the merus present a longitudinal strip devoided of spines. P. chilensis differs from P. papillata (B enedict) and P. inca H aig in the presence of spiniform tubercles that covered thickly carapace and abdomen, each encircled by a ring of stiff setae. P. chilensis and P. granulosa (Jacquinot) , from southern Chile, make up the only Paralomis species from Chilean waters and P. chilensis with Glyptolithodes cristatipes (F axon) and Lithodes murrayi H enderson are the only three lithodids recorded from deep waters off Central Chile.